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FDX: Extentions Workshop September 12th!

FDX: Extensions Workshop

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Extensions—those niggling, extremely common, almost-looks-like-it-was-part-of-the-pattern additions (in two beat increments)—are key to musicality. We lead and follow them hundreds of times in a night of social dancing. But the majority of Westies find themselves performing the same (usually pretty simple) variations over and over and over again.

This workshop is designed to explore variation through extensions. Leaders, that’s having a slew of them in your pocket and pulling them out at musically appropriate times. Followers, that’s recognizing when an extension is happening (or, even better, about to happen!). And for both leaders and followers, that’s having multiple ways of performing them so that you can vary them to suit what’s happening in that particular song in that particular moment.

Be prepared to feel foolish…very foolish. As my coaches so often say, the way to Cool-ville is always through Dork-town!! Wear loose, comfortable cloths. Don’t bring your date (unless your dorky, but completely joyful and—let’s face it—sweaty self is exactly what you’d like your date to see). DO bring a willingness to experiment: you’ll be moving your body in unfamiliar ways that will ultimately make you a far better dancer!

This class is for those who immediately understood what an “extension” was. If you don’t know yet, you’ll get there, just not in this class :)

$10 for adults; $5 for students with active ID; FREE for anyone under 18!

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PRELIMINARY September 2019