Forte Dance

West Coast Swing, Ballroom, & Social Dancing


The Forte Dance Experiment is an investigation into WCS technique & training. Our goal is to heighten the technical knowledge and skill of the Boston community through the vital combination of detailed instruction and focused practice. The workshop (one hour) will be centered on one technical concept each week; the practicum afterwards (30 minutes, overlapping with the warm-up for Westie Session) is designed to give students the opportunity to put that technique into play on the social dance floor, with the instructor ready and available to watch you, “feel” what’s going on, and answer questions.

This is truly an experiment! With the above goals in mind, we'll be tinkering and tailoring the class format and syllabus as we go. Help us help you: feedback (positive & negative) is definitely desired! Just please make sure to give it after class when the instructor can give you their full attention. 

Pricing & Registration 

FDX is $10 for adults. It is $5 for college students with active ID, and FREE for dancers under age 18. We want you to try us out and see if it's a good fit: your first class is on us! 

You do not need to register in advance. However, space in the class is limited: we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity for personal feedback in the practice session. You can register and pay in advance by clicking here, or you can show up at the door. Please make sure to see if you have the knowledge you need to take full advantage of FDX before you register; you can find more information on that HERE. The studio opens for warm-up at 7:15pm. 

After FDX ends at 9:00, we fully support you to stay for and participate in the Westie Session (WS)! However, they are their own entity and you will need to pay separately.