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Is FDX for me? 

FDX Skill Requirement

FDX is designed for experienced West Coast Swing dancers with a minimum of Novice WSDC competitive points or equivalent skill. Those who do not have points and feel they are prepared for this level of class (we love you; we want you!) can audition one-on-one with Tessa. Auditions will be available at 7:15 every Thursday or by private appointment (they are free!).

PLEASE NOTE: this skill requirement is designed to help support the dancers in the class to be on equal footing with each other and to enable Tessa to teach higher level skills. Many, many great dancers have never competed or do not have novice points. This requirement is not designed to stop such dancers from participating. Points are simply the most efficient way to get the ball rolling. 

Not sure if this is you? Contact us for a personal evaluation! 

Not there yet? Please try private lessons or join a beginner class with one of Our Partners! 

FDX Training Style

FDX is taught by Forte Dance owner Tessa Antolini, a ballroom-trained, analytical instructor known for her scientific approach to teaching dance. She is detailed, methodical, and wants her students to understand the Why & How behind their movements. Her classes are the brainy-geeky-engineery style of learning WCS! It's important to note that "technique class" doesn't mean you will be standing around listening to a soliloquy on technique for 45 minutes; improvement only takes place when the balance between listening and dancing favors dancing!

Some dancers flourish in a learning environment like this; others will find it frustrating. 

FDX might be for you IF:

  • You like to know the science/physics behind dance movement: the What, When, Why, Where, & How. 
  • You're grateful for the opportunity to do a move over and over in order to really "get it". 
  • You love to learn from Robert Royston, Brandy Guild, Kyle & Sarah, and PJ & Tashina

Does this sound like you? Then come try your first FDX class for FREE! 

FDX might NOT be for you if: 

  • You sigh when the instructor starts focusing on technique (and you can't wait for that part of class to be over!). 
  • You get annoyed when being asked to repeat the same move over and over: let's get to the dancing already! 
  • Your main priority is to increase your pattern repertoire or styling variations. 

Does this sound like you? We still love you! We just don't think it's worth you spending your time and hard-earned money on THIS group class. For information on other WCS group classes in the area, please CLICK HERE.