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Tessa to teach the 2nd Saturday night Workshops for Boston!

Tessa Antolini to teach WCS Workshops February 11th!

Tessa is delighted to have been invited back to the 2nd Saturday Boston WCS workshops and dance in the month of February! Held at Longfellow's Club in Wayland, MA on Saturday February 11th, Tessa will be teaching the two pre-dance workshops. Those classes will be:

Advanced Beginner:


Ever wonder what makes great west coast swing dancing look so effortless? The key is in the “boing”! In this class, you will learn the basics of body opposition and counter balance, the keys to seamless transitions and clear leads and follows. The material covered in this class will REALLY help you when it comes to learning how to converse with you partner. So stick around for class #2!  


Look Who’s Talking!

Modern WCS is all about “the conversation”: followers and leaders interweaving ideas to create a dance full of musicality, all without disrupting the partnership. Except, how the heck do you actually do that?! Many of us experience trying to dance to the music and our partner as more argument than conversation. This workshop is designed to give leaders and followers the tools they need in order to keep the conversation flowing smoothly!  

Check back in for more updates on the dance!