Forte Dance

West Coast Swing, Ballroom, & Social Dancing


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FDX is growing up! 


Tessa is excited to announce the following changes to the Forte Dance Experiment. These changes will take effect in September 2018 (please remember that the class DOES NOT run in the month of August). The first class of the new season will be Thursday September 6th. 

Skill Requirement

In order to attend FDX, you must now have either a minimum of Novice WSDC competitive points or equivalent skill. Those who do not have points and feel they are prepared for this level of class can audition one-on-one with Tessa. Auditions will be available at 7:15 every Thursday or by private appointment (they are free!).

PLEASE NOTE: this skill requirement is designed to help support the dancers in the class to be on equal footing with each other and to enable Tessa to teach higher level skills. Many, many great dancers have never competed or do not have novice points. This requirement is not designed to stop such dancers from participating. We love you; we want you. Points are simply the most efficient way to get the ball rolling. 

Start Time

FDX will now begin at 7:30 instead of a 7pm. Now you can make it there from work without driving like a crazy person!

Workshop & Practice

The technique workshop will run for 60 minutes, from 7:30-8:30pm. From 8:30 to 9pm, there will be a guided practice session, which overlaps with the warm-up for Westie Session (more bodies to practice your new goodies with!). Westie Session will begin spotlights at 9pm. 


FDX will be $10 for adults ($5 less!), $5 for students with active ID, and FREE for anyone under 18. Take the money you save and go out dancing another night of the week! To know where else you can dance, please click HERE. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss these changes with Tessa, please feel free to call (978) 381 9236 or email her at