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Tessa Antolini

Tessa is an All-Star West Coast Swing & Ballroom competitor and experienced instructor offering partnered dance instruction to the people of the metro Boston area. From beginners to advanced, social dancers to competitors, she is excited to share her passion for dance and technical expertise to you!

Tessa is the 2017 Open Swing Dance Championship 6th-Place All-Star Finalist. She is an active competitor and judge on the World Swing Dance Council and the National Association of Swing Dance competitive circuits. Any given weekend you will find her in another US or European city, competing, training, and educating other dancers in this incredibly dynamic dance with her Classic partner Marcus Sterling of Portland, OR.

When not on the road, she engages in teaching the principles of partnered dance and performance in swing and all four competitive ballroom dance styles. She specializes in American Smooth and Rhythm.

"Partnered Dancing: No other art form combines so many of my passions: music, acting, movement, physics, story telling, performance and human interaction"  --Tessa Antolini



2018 MADJam Strictly All Star Finalist    

2018 Rose City Swing All Star 7th Place Finalist      

2017 Open Swing Dance Championships All Star 6th Place Finalist      

2017 Swingin' New England All Star 2nd Place Finalist                                

2017 Halloween Swing Thing All Star Finalist                                                   

2017 Meet Me In St. Louis All Star 5th Place Finalist                                   

2017 Summer Hummer All Star Finalist                                                         

2017 Jack &Jill O'Rama All Star Finalist                                                           




Baltimore, MD 

Portland, OR 

Los Angeles, CA

Boston, MA

Los Angeles, CA

St. Louis, MO

Boston, MA

Los Angeles, CA



2015 Yuletide Ball Open Smooth Finalist

2014 Commonwealth Classic Rising Star Finalist

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  • BFA in Acting from Boston University: School of Theater
  • Graduate of London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts
  • Georges Valley High School Valedictorian
  • 12 years Ballet training
  • 20 years classic music training (violin, voice, & trombone)



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