Forte Dance

West Coast Swing, Ballroom, & Social Dancing


Practice Session: $5 cash

  • Bring a friend, and it's $5 for the two of you!
  • Come to spectate once for free!

While WS is a partner of Forte Dance, it is it's own, separate entity. We welcome you to participate in both sessions (in fact, the combination of both will lead to far greater improvement than just one or the other!), but you will need to pay for them individually.  

Westie Session

Westie Session (WS) is a group dedicated to improving their dance through active peer feedback. Their goal is to provide an opportunity for dancers of any level to get individualized feedback in a friendly environment.

How It Works: 

Each session begins with a warm up - do your favorite solo drills and stretches, or social dance with a partner - before moving into the heart of the practice. Leads and follows are randomly paired and ordered - much like in a Jack n’ Jill competition - before they take the floor. First, each dancer discusses what they are working on improving in their dance (we encourage focusing on one thing at a time).

Next, the couple will dance - spotlight-style (great for video!) - to approximately 2 minutes of music with the option to receive real-time feedback. The other attendees provide helpful tips, tricks, techniques, and suggestions in a follow-up feedback session. The couple will then get the chance to immediately implement the new feedback in a second spotlight dance to the same song, with the same partner.

Each session ends with social dancing, which can be used to continue working on new concepts.

How to Sign Up:

1. Visit us on Facebook (and join the group if you haven’t already!)

2. Locate our weekly attendance (“pinned”) post.

3. Comment to let us know you’ll be there!

4. Don’t forget to let us know if you plan to Lead (L), Follow (F), or both! L(F) -or- F(L)