Forte Dance

West Coast Swing, Ballroom, & Social Dancing

Learning & Fun!

Forte Dance is a social and ballroom dance studio located in Burlington, Massachusetts (around the corner from the Burlington Mall). We offer partnered dance instruction to adults, kids, and teens from across New England. We specialize in West Coast Swing, a modern social dance that can be done to many forms of music, the American-style competitive and social dances, as well as instruction in solo dancing (how to dance by oneself). Forte Dance boasts teachers on the cutting edge of dance instruction; they can be found every weekend training and competing at Swing and Ballroom events throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe.

In addition to lessons and workshops in Burlington, Massachusetts, Forte owner Tessa Antolini offers private lessons at the competitions she attends each weekend throughout the United States & Europe. For a full schedule of upcoming events, please click here. Lessons may be booked prior to and at events. 

For more information, including scheduling and rates, please reach out to Tessa by calling or texting (978) 381 9236 or email