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FDX: Blues Footwork Workshop
7:30 PM19:30

FDX: Blues Footwork Workshop

FDX: Blues Footwork Workshop


Whom is this class for?

This class is for WCS dancers who are experienced and confident with intermediate-level material. If you can do variants of pushes, passes, and whips and know WWTriple inside and out, then you're ready for this class. Not yet muscle memorized with these things? Hold off for now; this material will only curfuffle your brain!

Freak Your Feet!

Please join me Thursday, May 16th for an hour-long workshop devoted to blues footwork variations. Most of you know that your styling choices dancing to blues should be somewhat different from how you would dance to mid-tempo or slow contemporary. The hard part is actually learning what to do to make that blues stand out as "BLUES"!

The faster the music, the less we wish to travel, and the more we wish to use our feet to reflect what we hear in the music. In this class, we'll cover the basics (and some not-so-basic!) styling variations for those feet. Once you have these concepts in your feet, they work just as well for mid-temp to fast contemporary songs as they do blues!

7:30-8:30pm (stay for Westie Session!)

$10 for adults; $5 for students with active ID, FREE for juniors!

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7:30 PM19:30

FDX: Body Isolations Workshop

WCS Body Isolations Workshop


WCS styling relies on the dancer’s ability to isolate, control, and move specific parts of the body. In order to do that successfully, one must start by learning to “talk” to each party of the body, discover the various ways it can move, and then combine those movements on top of the WCS basic actions of lead/follow, frame, and connection.

This class aims to introduce the body to isolation work (such as moving one’s shoulders independently from everything else) and to begin the process of combining that with WCS. Prior WCS experience is required (I ask that you have at least competitive-newcomer skills to attend this class).

There is NO SUCH THING as too much practice with isolations! If you have “done” them in the past, I heartily recommend you touch base with them again. Perhaps you will discover new, more varied movement patterns that can inform your dance!

$10 for adults

$5 for students with active ID

Please remain after the workshop and join Westie Session, the amateur practice group, at 8:30!

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August 2018
to Aug 31

August 2018

August 2018 Calendar

Check out what's happening at FDX in August! PLEASE NOTE: there is NO FDX in the month of August. Please check out the changes that will take effect in September. Our first class back will be Thursday September 6th. 

August 2018.jpg
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Forte Friday Funday April 13th with Matt, Desirae, and Josh!
to Apr 14

Forte Friday Funday April 13th with Matt, Desirae, and Josh!

Forte Friday Funday!

Friday the 13th of April, 2018

There's no better way to celebrate Friday the 13th of April than dancing it out with instructors Matt Davis and Desirae Vasquez and DJ Josh Albert! Please join them Friday evening for Beginner WCS at 7:45, Intermediate at 8:30, and social dancing to DJ Josh's amazing tunes from 9:30 to midnight! 

$10 for adults; $5 for students with active ID

4.13.18 FFF.jpg
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It's a Maine-Maine weekend!!
to Feb 19

It's a Maine-Maine weekend!!


Tessa teaches in Maine THIS weekend!


This coming weekend, Tessa will be teaching in two locations in the amazing state of Maine! On Saturday, February 17th, she'll be teaching two workshops in Camden, ME at High Mountain Hall beginning at 5:30pm, followed by social dancing 7:30 to 10pm (she'll be DJ'ing that dance!). Then on Monday, February 19th, she'll be swinging it down in Portland, ME at the Gold Room with two workshops beginning at 7pm, followed by social dancing 9 to 11 (she's DJ'ing that dance too!!). 

For more information on the Saturday in Camden, please visit this facebook page:

For more information on the Monday in Portland, visit the group's facebook page:

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Holiday Forte Friday Funday December 8th!
to Dec 9

Holiday Forte Friday Funday December 8th!

"(walk walk) Ho Ho Hoooo! Ho ho Hoooo!"

That's what WE'LL be doing this Friday December 8th at the holiday Forte Friday Funday! Both workshops will be lead by Forte owner Tessa Antolini, with music for the social dance played by the ever fabulous and festive DJ Josh Albert of Connecticut! There will be special treats to eat, a potential doggy visit (depending on how cold it is outside!), and a good deal of merriment and cheer. Bring your friends and family: no partner or experience is necessary to join the fun! 

12.8.17 Red FFF.jpg
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